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Unique San Francisco Real Estate

Posted: April 18, 2019 By: GSW Animation

The Best Way to Capitalize on Unique San Francisco Real Estate Opportunities   The San Francisco real estate market offers a number of unique opportunities for those who work within the real estate marketing industry. 

The Best Way to Capitalize on Unique San Francisco Real Estate Opportunities


The market dynamics and appreciation rate of each aspect of the Bay Area is directly affected by various factors. We’ll take a closer look, in this article, regarding some of those opportunities. The potential for real estate growth, especially in the commercial sector, have always been open for those whose professions demand constant diligence. However, keep in mind that the most successful companies are the ones who are ready to adapt to new technological innovations. 

The High Tech Boom

One of the main considerations to take into account is that San Francisco is situated in the center of the relatively recent high tech boom (along with San Mateo and Santa Clara). With its close proximity to Silicon Valley, there is an appreciation of cutting edge technology when it comes to any type of marketing presentation. Let’s consider these additional items:

  •  A relic of San Francisco’s past has recently sold for $37 million. Currently, it is a yet to be defined project that will require some high-powered visuals to augment any potential work that will be proposed.
  • Tartine, San Francisco’s pastry giant is looking to open an additional outlet. 
  • The Oakland Marriott Hotel is set to begin construction in the Uptown area.

This holds not only true for commercial properties, but also for residential areas, as well. For example, all you need to do is to see the large number of condo approvals that are either currently building or are ready to be built. However, it should be taken into consideration that the most affluent areas have appreciated somewhat less than the less affluent areas. This, for all practical purposes, has prompted the average consumer to modify their homes and consider additional development in order to raise property values.
 In all cases, there is an advantage to be gained in real estate presentations that are engaging to those with less experience when it comes to 2D floor plans. As such, an immersive 3D rendering experience will hold more value.
In the recent past, some specific local occurrences have also had an impact on the real estate construction market. This includes; Apple’s opening of their new headquarters and the highly destructive Sonoma fires. These events served to boost home prices in their areas. Due to all of the factors just mentioned, it boils down to a highly competitive real estate market. In addition, the competition will be headed by those companies that can offer the best way(s) to capture the attention of potential clients. Because of this, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of 3D architectural rendering. This has become the primary tool that is used in order to engage clients like never before.

This is also the reason why GSW Animation has been chosen by some of the most prominent corporations and private sector clientele. Our goal is to bring a design to life. These designs include; 3D commercial models, 3D residential architectural renderings and other projects that real estate marketers have benefitted by using 3D rendering technology. Our customers have been shown that there is no limitation when it comes to turning architectural concepts into reality. For obtaining a project approval, 3D rendering is the new benchmark for success.  

CGI Visualization and Interior Rendering 

We will ensure that your 3D rendering is constructed to the exact specifications of your drawings and project design. However, we can take this one step further and enhance the 3D experience with our details, furniture and materials selections.
We can present a look that is right for your project’s interior. This can include furniture designs that project a contemporary, modern or classic ambiance. What’s more is that we can create an immersive presentation that features; artificial and natural lighting, shadows and other details. This will serve to place the customer directly within the interior spaces of the project that is being proposed. With our 3D rendering, we can even utilize your project’s photos in order to establish an accurate view from every perspective of a room. Compare this type of presentation to one in which only flat 2D architectural drawings are shown. 

Another major advantage is that should a client need to make a modification, it can be constructed in far less time than it would to re-draw a flat, 2D floor plan. In general, the overall time that is saved will justify adopting 3D rendering services in a relatively short period of time. But the primary concern is that a company that is still using 2D is no real match for company that is immersing its potential client in a 3D presentation. With 3D there is the actual feeling that one is walking through the space of an already completed project. 

CGI Visualization and Exterior Rendering

When it comes to the exterior rendering of your proposed project, your 3D rendering is constructed to your exact specifications. But it goes far beyond that. At GSW Animation, we employ our extensive collection of highly realistic effects and material depictions. We will even go as far as duplicating the exact lighting of the geographical that the project resides in. 
With this use of hyper-realism, you can show your client just how the property will appear at any time during the day or night. This will also show how materials, volumes and spaces are visually affected by light throughout the day.

With 3D visuals at your disposal, your marketing effort success will increase exponentially. You will, in essence, be showcasing aspects of a project that are considered to be especially engaging. These can include:

  • Streetscapes
  • Architecture animations
  • Various floor plans
  • Different amenities
  • House details renderings
  • Different location perspectives
  • As well as the aforementioned interior and exterior renderings

You can even illustrate the impact that the project will have on the local environment. You can do this through the depiction of; existing trees, street signs, pedestrians and automobiles. In effect, you will be illustrating the exterior as if the project was already in existence.   

Benefiting from a 3D Plan

The market results have already determined that the most advantageous way of viewing how a project will affect a space is with a 3D rendering. Normal floor plans have become outdated. If you wish to distinguish your company, then you will need to have the tools that present you in the same light as one would expect from a high-end organization. This just can’t be done with a 2D floor plan that is unable to clearly illustrate items such as; voids, arcs, stairs and different height perspectives. 

Your potential client will want to see every isometric plan that includes a correct sense of scale. In commercial real estate, this is especially true when attempting to get the “OK” from someone who may not be completely versed with reading a 2D floor plan to begin with. This is also true in the residential real estate sector where you may be dealing with a customer who is not familiar with 2D floor plans.

Our services in San Francisco, California

Our knowledge of the unique San Francisco architectural designs assists us in the development of projects that will fit in with the San Francisco real estate environment. Included in our list of San Francisco 3D rendering services, at GSW Animation, we offer:
•    3D Architectural Rendering 
•    Photomontage
•    Architectural walkthroughs
•    3D Rendering for exhibitions (stands and booths)
•    3D Animations
•    Photorealistic Renderings for approvals
•    3D Illustrations used for presentations
•    3D (non-real estate) Product Rendering
•    3D Interior Rendering 
•    3D Exterior Rendering
•    Other 3D Rendering services

The future of San Francisco real estate and 3D Rendering

Recently, there has been a lot of optimism regarding San Francisco real estate and the direction that it’s heading. It’s been particularly noted that the industry is leaning more towards precision and sophisticated design than what has been seen in the past few decades.  
One significant example is the area between Van Ness Avenue and Market Street. Once considered a place of empty desolation, a new deal has been brokered that can change all that. The once derelict location will now contain the headquarters of Twitter, just three blocks away. Because of this, this one-time neglected area is being considered as potential prime property.
This will most definitely pique the interest of the commercial real estate marketing community. Those companies with the capability to present their ideas in a 3D rendering format will most surely have the advantage. It all boils down to how your wish your projects to be viewed by those who have the ability to approve the construction of future San Francisco real estate projects. With the benefit of 3D rendering, even a smaller company can offer a presentation that can rival larger organizations.