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Reel Rock GSW is one of the first end to end animation production companies from the beautiful island of Jamaica; a place Jamaicans affectionately call “The Rock”. Using cutting edge software technology such as the Toon Boom Harmony Platform for 2D and Maya for 3D animation, plus a high skilled and trained staff of illustrators and animators, Reel Rock GSW offers its clients…

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Latest Project – Patty Shop

Chesta Puff is a good man, a proud man, a successful man…a slightly delusional man. Like so many people from all over the world, Chesta left his homeland where he ran a successful bakery to come to the “great north” to seek more fame and fortune. He was a big man at home and is looking to be an even bigger man abroad; and he is…sort of. He is a legend in his own mind. With a loving wife and two kids born and raised in the North, Chesta struggles to keep his connections to “back home” while at the same time struggling to keep moving on up the ladder in his adopted homeland. What results is a hilarious mix of family, social and personal wranglings that all unfold around The Patty Shop.

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